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Get a crystal clear skin with Crystal Tomato Plus

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Looking for a crystal clear skin? Look no further. Crystal Tomato Plus has range of supplement and skincare products derived from non-GMO tomatoes also known as crystal tomatoes came to light as the breakthrough ingredients in their signature of supplements to deliver active potent antioxidants directly to the skin

Crystal Tomato Plus is supplement that can not only brighten and even skin tone but reduce patches and inflammation while it protects the skin and to give you beauty from within - from head to toe

Among benefits of Crystal Tomato Plus supplement are:

1. Reduces the melanin presents in cells including dark acne scars, freckles and aged spots

2. Inhibit melanin synthesis to prevent pigmentation spots from forming

3. Prevent DNA damage

4. Acts as an anti-oxidant to protect against free radical 

5. Anti-inflammatory properties against wounds, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and UV damage

6. Serves as natural sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays

7. Promotes even skin and radiant complexion

8. Improves skin suppleness, dryness and smoothness


Skin Clarity cream is a topical products that target the four main causes of pigmentation: UVA and UVB,  free radicals, inflammation and melanin formation - all enemies of radiat skin. It contained 17 active ingredients and of the active ingredient is Tyrosinase Inhibitor Complex which is a potent inhibitor of an important enzyme that forms melanin. It also contained antioxidant such as vitamin A, B3, C and E and Rumex Occidentalis extract all combine to help lighten facial spots


Beyond Sun is a sunscreen that offers the highest and widest protection of SPF 75+, blue light 54%, PPD 17+ and PA++++. Yet it offers the lightest and most comfortable all-day wearability

You can purchase Crystal Tomato Plus product at Klinik Temasya. The prices are for Crystal Tomato Plus supplement (RM 420), Skin Clarity Cream (RM 420) and Beyond Sun protection (RM220)

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