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War against non-communicable diseases- are we ready yet?

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Non-communicable diseases (NCD) are a diverse group of diseases that is not transmissible directly to one another and tend to be of long duration. NCDs kill 41 million people or 71% of all deaths globally each year.

Cardiovascular diseases account for most NCD deaths, followed by cancers, respiratory disease and diabetes and all these four diseases accounts for 80% of all premature NCD deaths and it affects largely people of low to middle income group. 

Risk factor for developing NCDs are being overweight or obese, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and raised blood glucose. Modifiable risk factors are smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, unhealthy diets that are high in salt and trans-fat and low consumption of fruits and vegetables and being physical inactive. 

The prevalence of NCD and NCD risk factors in Malaysia have risen substantially in the last two decades due to increasing prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome. It cause a significant burden to the Malaysia healthcare budget and to individual patient. NCDs can be prevented by managing the risk factors early, as well as early detection of the disease. 

Here are several ways that you can do to prevent yourself from NCD:

  • Eating a balance nutritious meals that consists of wholegrain with plenty of fruits and vegetable and are low in salt, fat and sugar contents
  • Practicing active lifestyle by exercising regularly 
  • Maintain a healthy weight of BMI between 18–24
  • Quit smoking 
  • Cut down on excessive consumption of alcohol 
  • Regular routine health screening 
  • Cancer and precancerous screening such as pap smear, mammogram 
  • Reducing stress level 

NCD can cause significant devastating impact to your health. Talk to our doctor for more information about NCD. 

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