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O-shot: Why it's gaining popularity among ladies

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Bringing back the Oh- in your sex life by saying YES to O- shot! O-shot stands for Orgasmic shot which is the new non-surgical way to improve female sexual dysfunction that pledges to increase sexual arousal and orgasmic response as well as rejuvenation to the vagina. O- shot has been used to help with post-menopausal related symptoms such as urinary incontinence, improve vaginal lubrication leading to painless sexual intercourse. O- shot can also be used to help with healing and recovery after surgical procedure around the genital area such as post-childbirth as well as improving chronic skin conditions such as lichen sclerosis

As women get older, there are various physical, psychological and hormonal changes that can affect women's sexual health. Everyday life stressors such as caring for household, family and young children, added with stress from work, difficult relationships and financial strain, all can contribute to female sexual dysfunction. Orgasm in female can be define as culmination of sexual arousal. However many women reported to never experiencing orgasm in their sex's life. This can create sexual dissatisfaction and  conflict in the relationship 

O- shot is a relatively simple procedure take less than 45 minutes to be done. Before the procedure doctor will take detailed consultation of your physical and sexual history. Your doctor will also performed physical and speculum examination, pap smear and ultrasound of your pelvis to exclude medical causes of female sexual dysfunction. If there are no contraindications, your doctor may then proceed with the procedure

O-shot uses PRP (platelet- rich plasma) harnessed from patient's blood. Local anaesthesia in the form of cream and injection will be applied to ease the pain during the procedure. Blood will be withdrawn from your vein and put in the cetrifuge machine and processed via spinning and then extracted into a syringe. The PRP will then be injected to various part of the clitoris, vulva and vaginal opening.  Post- procedure you may feel some discomfort and swelling around the area but you should be able to resume your usual activity such as work, exercises and sexual activity.

Some women may experience improvement in just several days after the procedure noticeablely sexual arousal and orgasm intensity. The full effects will most likely manifest after 3 months. The effect of the treatment last anywhere between 1 to 4 years, however patients may opt for re-treatment if the initial results aren't as satisfactory

Many women suffered from unhappiness and frustration with their sex's life but not many came forward to seek treatment. If you suffered from female sexual dysfunction or would like to know more about O- shot, contact our clinic today


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